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farmers insurance is a proud supporter of us teachers

Teachers are so much more than their title implies. Not only do they educate us, they help to mold us into the people we become by being a friend, a confidant and someone whom we can trust. We all have had that one teacher that has stood out above the rest – and Farmers Insurance…

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protect yourself this summer with these simple tips

When we think of summer, we think barbecues, bonfires, beaches and being out on the water! While boats and other watercrafts are big investments, during those hot Indiana summer days they can be worth it! And whether you’re taking a leisurely cruise on your pontoon, a quick trip on your speed boat, or a zip…

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Cheap Insurance vs. Value Insurance

the expert staff at isch insurance in lafayette indiana is happy to explain the differences in insurance plans

I talk with people in the greater Lafayette, Indiana community everyday looking for auto and home insurance.  One question I always ask is: what concerns you most about your insurance?  The majority of the time the answer I get is price.  People tell me all the time they want the cheapest insurance in Lafayette.  This answer never surprises…

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