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Liability Coverage and the Importance of an Umbrella Policy

see what an umbrella policy from isch insurance in lafayette indiana can do for you

Often times when I meet with clients in Lafayette, IN and I ask them what their main concern is with their insurance is, the answer is always the same: price. Although price is an important aspect to consider, I always tell my clients that coverage is a better indicator than price when it comes to…

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Introducing Farmers Rideshare Endorsement

isch insurance in lafayette indiana offers rideshare endorsements

Are you a driver for a ridesharing company like Uber or Lyft? Then you should know that you could have a big gap in your coverage – especially if you don’t have Farmers Insurance! If you don’t already know, ridesharing is a cab-like service that allows people to drive their own private vehicles to transport passengers. It has become…

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Not All Car Insurance is Created Equal

isch insurance in lafayette indiana is happy to explain our auto insurance plans to you

When sitting behind this desk in Lafayette, Indiana, talking with people about their car insurance, nine times out of ten people tell me their biggest car insuranceconcern is the cost.  Which is a reasonable concern, however the biggest message I have for clients is not all car insurance is created equal. When it comes to car insurance…

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