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Liability Insurance on Your Auto Policy

isch insurance in lafayette indiana provides quality auto insurance

What is auto liability insurance and why do we have to have it?  You are legally required to carry liability insurance on your auto policy.  It is the limit amount of what your insurance company would pay if you are at fault in an accident and other people get hurt or their property is damaged. …

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Seasonal Driving Tips

see how an auto insurance plan can benefit you

Winter is here!  Unfortunately, that means snowy and icy roads have to be navigated this time of year.  Here are some reminders to help lower the possibility of having to file an auto insurance claim and ensure that you and your family get to where you’re going safely. USE CAUTION: The distance to stop on icy…

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Why You Need Insurance on Recreational Vehicles

get coverage for your recreational vehicles with isch insurance in lafayette indiana

When you buy a recreational vehicle, it is easy to imagine all the fun you will have. What unfortunately slips the mind of many is that accidents can happen. While most of the time it is all fun and games, there are times when things can get messy, and I don’t just mean the mud…

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Introducing Farmers Rideshare Endorsement

isch insurance in lafayette indiana offers rideshare endorsements

Are you a driver for a ridesharing company like Uber or Lyft? Then you should know that you could have a big gap in your coverage – especially if you don’t have Farmers Insurance! If you don’t already know, ridesharing is a cab-like service that allows people to drive their own private vehicles to transport passengers. It has become…

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Fall Car Insurance Tips to Know

be safe this fall with our simple driving tips

As the days get shorter in Lafayette, Indiana, there are some auto insurance tips that all drivers should know to stay safe and be accident-free. Stay Safe When Driving at Night One of the biggest causes of accidents happens to be the dark.  Only a quarter of all driving happens at night, but more than half of all…

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4 Reasons to Buy Car Insurance

isch insurance in lafayette indiana makes buying auto insurance an easy process

It’s The Law Every state in the United State, with the exception of New Hampshire, requires every driver have some form of insurance. Each state has its own requirements, but in general, there is always some kind of insurance every driver has to have.  The reason car insurance is mandatory is to protect others in the case of an…

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Make Sure You Have Motorhome Insurance Before You Hit The Road

make sure you have motorhome insurance before you hit the road with isch insurance in lafayette indiana

When you buy a RV you are making a large investment so why not protect it by purchasing Motorhome Insurance. Not only is this a large investment, but it is also a large vehicle that could cause severe damage and injury. At Farmers Insurance – Jenna Isch it is our goal to keep you covered. These are some of…

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Not All Car Insurance is Created Equal

isch insurance in lafayette indiana is happy to explain our auto insurance plans to you

When sitting behind this desk in Lafayette, Indiana, talking with people about their car insurance, nine times out of ten people tell me their biggest car insuranceconcern is the cost.  Which is a reasonable concern, however the biggest message I have for clients is not all car insurance is created equal. When it comes to car insurance…

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Cheap Insurance vs. Value Insurance

the expert staff at isch insurance in lafayette indiana is happy to explain the differences in insurance plans

I talk with people in the greater Lafayette, Indiana community everyday looking for auto and home insurance.  One question I always ask is: what concerns you most about your insurance?  The majority of the time the answer I get is price.  People tell me all the time they want the cheapest insurance in Lafayette.  This answer never surprises…

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What’s Covered in a Basic Car Insurance Policy?

isch insurance in lafayette indiana gives you details on which auto insurance plans can work for you

I talk to people every day in greater Lafayette, Indiana that are looking for auto insurance.  We in the insurancebusiness throw around terms like full coverage, liability only, uninsured motorist, and comprehensive deductible.  When you use these terms every day in conversation, sometimes it is hard to remember this is a foreign language to most people.  So…

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