Teachers are so much more than their title implies. Not only do they educate us, they help to mold us into the people we become by being a friend, a confidant and someone whom we can trust. We all have had that one teacher that has stood out above the rest – and Farmers Insurance – Jenna Isch and Farmers Thank Americas Teachers wants to reward those hard-working teachers in the Tippecanoe County area by funding their educational visions!

If you’ve followed our social media for a while, you may have seen our Farmers Insurance – Jenna Isch Thank America’s Teachers program. In the past, we asked you to nominate local Tippecanoe County teachers who truly deserve to be recognized for all their efforts in teaching our kids. Then, we picked a teacher to sponsor for the month, purchasing supplies they needed for their classroom.

While we’re still continuing to reward our local teachers with school supplies throughout the school year, we also wanted to introduce two different grants that the Farmers Insurance Thank America’s Teachers program offers!

$2,500 GRANT: A grant designed to address teachers day-to-day classroom needs, this grant program will reward 180 teachers with $2,500 to spend on classroom necessities! The process to enter process is pretty simple: teachers who have received a thank you note through Thank America’s Teachers are invited to submit proposals for the $2,500 grant contest by September 29th, 2016!

$100,000 GRANT: This grant offers $100,000 to 6 teachers, encouraging and helping to fund their educational visions for their schools and the community at large! Although the voting for the 2016 calendar year is already closed for this grant, we wanted to make you aware of how wonderful and life-changing a grant like this could be in our area! Nominations for 2017 will begin in January, so keep this in mind.

For our local Tippecanoe County area contest: Send your nominations to jisch@farmersagent.com, message us on Facebook, or call us at (765) 838-2781.

For the $2,500 and $100,000 grant: Visit www.farmers.com/thank-americas-teachers/ for more information.

Remember, our kids’ futures truly do start with their teachers – so make sure to thank them today in a very BIG way! And don’t forget to insure yours and your kid’s future by calling Farmers Insurance – Jenna Isch today at (765) 838-2781. We look forward to hearing from you!